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Supplier Quality Technologist

Our client is a Global Supplier of Ingredients, flavours, Vitamins and Minerals and is seeking an experienced Supplier Quality Technologist for their office in Kent. The Key Responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Coordinate different phases of the approval process including Documentation, RM assessments, organising external testing, risk assessments, audit recommendations and approval.
  • Coordinate RM analytical monitoring and Supplier monitoring audits with the Quality Department
  • Collect, review and file documentation from suppliers during approval process
  • Coordinate RM annual monitoring and compile summary reports for audits and customer requests
  • Testing of new RM under evaluation for approvals
  • Support Kosher and Halal certification for the UK site
  • Support continuous improvement program initiatives
  • Complete customer questionnaires for matters related to RM
  • Provide support to HACCP and TACCP team
  • Create purchasing specification for new RM
  • Routinely review and update existing specifications.

The successful candidate must have a great understanding of Quality requirements and standards in the Food industry (ISO, HACP, BRC, GFSietc). Must also have 1-2 years experience within a Quality, Technical of R&D role in the Food industry. You will have great attention to detail and focus on Quality. Excellent written and oral communication skills and also great project management skills. IT literate, a team player and be assertive and confident. A high level of communication skills is essential.

DCR 5722

Full Time
Zoë Calver or Tracey Di Valentine
01784 450 111 or 0203 2430077

Contact Details

Essex: 0203 2430077
Heathrow: 01784 450 111
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.